Predicted Line-Ups: Strasbourg vs Nice

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Total wins


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Strasbourg Gears Up for Exciting Match Against Nice at Stade de la Meinau

Predicted Line Up & Formation

Predicted Lineups:

- Bellaarouch - Sow 7.1 Perrin - Sylla 7 Guilbert 6.8 Sissoko 6.2 Santos 6.9 Delaine 6.8 Bakwa 6.9 Diarra 6.8 Gameiro
- Bulka 6.8 Mendy - Todibo 7.3 Santos 7.1 Bard 7.1 Sanson 6.9 Rosario - Cho - Moffi - Boga

Team Stats

Strasbourg stand 13th in the Ligue 1:

  • Total wins: 6

  • Total goals: 19

  • Total clean sheets: 3

  • Total attacks: 1584

Nice stand 5th in the Ligue 1:

  • Total wins: 10

  • Total goals: 19

  • Total clean sheets: 11

  • Total attacks: 1878

Predicted Lineups Player Stats:


  • A. Bellaarouch: Goalkeeper

  • S. Sow: Defender

  • L. Perrin: 1440 mins, 1 assist, 909 passes, 85% accuracy

  • L. Sylla: Defender

  • F. Guilbert: 1160 mins, 506 passes, 76% accuracy, 5 ft 10

  • I. Sissoko: 687 mins, 306 passes, 79% accuracy, 6 ft 3

  • A. Nascimento dos Santos: 7 mins, 6 passes, 100% accuracy

  • T. Delaine: 1091 mins, 1 assist, 333 passes, 76% accuracy, 5 ft 10

  • D. Bakwa: 1003 mins, 1 goal, 280 passes, 78% accuracy

  • M. Diarra: 1124 mins, 1 goal, 1 assist, 359 passes, 82% accuracy, 5 ft 10

  • K. Gameiro: 790 mins, 2 goals, 1 assist, 263 passes, 82% accuracy, 5 ft 7

Missing Players:

  • Gerzino Nyamsi
  • Thomas Delaine
  • Jean-Eudes Aholou
  • E. Emegha


  • M. Bulka: Goalkeeper

  • A. Mendy: 91 mins, 47 passes, 73% accuracy

  • J. Todibo: 6 ft 2

  • D. da Costa Santos: 1530 mins, 1 assist, 1574 passes, 90% accuracy, 6 ft 2

  • M. Bard: 1423 mins, 2 assists, 794 passes, 86% accuracy, 5 ft 8

  • M. Sanson: 1225 mins, 2 assists, 496 passes, 83% accuracy, 5 ft 10

  • P. Rosario: 919 mins, 543 passes, 83% accuracy, 6 ft 2

  • M. Cho: 5 ft 11

  • T. Moffi: Attacker

  • J. Boga: 5 ft 7

Missing Players:

  • Sofiane Diop
  • Alexis Beka Beka
  • Aliou Balde


Strasbourg, France - The city of Strasbourg is buzzing with anticipation as the local football club prepares to take on Nice in an exhilarating match scheduled for April 28, 2024. With both teams vying for a victory that could potentially improve their league standings, fans are eagerly awaiting what promises to be an intense showdown.

Heading into this crucial encounter, Strasbourg currently sits at the 13th position in the league table under the guidance of manager Mathieu Le Scornet. Despite facing some challenges throughout the season, they have managed to secure four wins and score a total of thirteen goals so far. Additionally, their defensive prowess has resulted in two clean sheets while launching an impressive number of attacks totaling up to 250.

However, ahead of this important clash against Nice, Strasbourg will face several setbacks due to missing players from their squad. Gerzino Nyamsi and Thomas Delaine will not be available due to injuries sustained during previous matches. Furthermore, Jean-Eudes Aholou and E. Emegha will also miss out on this fixture due to undisclosed reasons.

Despite these absences thoughs , manager Mathieu Le Scornet remains optimistic about his team's chances as he unveils his predicted lineup strategy for this game:

- A.Bellaarouch

- S.Sow

- L.Perrin: Having played all minutes possible (1440) across sixteen appearances with remarkable passing accuracy (85%), Perrin brings stability and experience.

- L.Sylla

- F.Guilbert: Guilbert has proven himself valuable over twelve appearances with solid passing statistics including passes completed accurately at a rate of 76%.

- I.Sissoko: Although limited playing time (687 minutes), Sissoko showcases excellent pass completion rates (79%) over fifteen appearances.

-A. Nascimento dos Santos: Despite only one appearance, Nascimento has displayed an impeccable passing accuracy of 100% in just seven minutes on the field.

- T.Delaine: Returning from injury with fourteen appearances and a goal assist to his name, Delaine's inclusion will provide attacking prowess down the flanks.

- D.Bakwa: Bakwa boasts a solid track record this season with seventeen appearances and contributing to Strasbourg's goal tally (1) while maintaining impressive pass completion rates (78%).

- M.Diarra: Diarra brings both scoring ability (1 goal) and playmaking skills as he has recorded sixteen appearances along with an assist for his team.

-K.Gameiro : Gameiro adds depth upfront having made significant contributions in terms of goals scored(2), assists(1), passes completed accurately at 82%, over sixteen matches.

On the other side, Nice enters this match sitting comfortably at fifth place under manager Francesco Farioli. They have yet to secure a win but have managed to score three goals so far this season. With their attacking style that results in frequent attacks totaling up to 362, they pose a formidable challenge for Strasbourg.

However, Nice will also face some obstacles due to missing players from their squad. Sofiane Diop, Alexis Beka Beka ,and Aliou Balde are all ruled out due to injuries sustained during previous fixtures.

Nice manager Francesco Farioli is expected tounveil his predicted lineup strategy closer towards match day which could include key players such as:




-D.da Costa Santos




The clash between these two teams promises excitement and intense competition as both sides vie for victory that would boost their league positions significantly. Fans eagerly await kick-off time at Stade de la Meinau on April 28, 2024, to witness this thrilling encounter.