Nacho’s most likely destination after leaving Real Madrid
Source: Getfootballnewsspain

More information has come to the fore regarding Nacho Fernandez's sudden decision to leave Real Madrid at the end of the season.

As per reports from Marca, MLS is the most likely destination for the 34-year-old Spaniard, a choice that sees him bypassing more financially lucrative offers for a venture in North America.

The option to remain in Europe, notably amid Inter's interest, was considered but ultimately set aside in favor of MLS.

As previously reported, this idea has been brewing throughout the entire season. Although he came close to bidding farewell last summer, Nacho had a change of heart and continued for another season.

The player fulfilled a personal goal this season after being named captain following Benzema's departure. He has already lifted the Supercopa, will soon do the same with LaLiga, and the dream of lifting the Champions League trophy remains alive.

From the outset, Nacho was certain that the circumstances at the club weren't conducive to another season. Even when he secured a starting position, nothing changed, and the recent Champions League matches confirmed this. The final push to dispel any lingering doubts came with his substitution in Munich, a circumstance the defender struggled to comprehend.