Predicted Line-Ups: CF Montréal vs Orlando City

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Orlando City Gears Up for Exciting Clash Against CF Montral

Predicted Line Up & Formation

Predicted Lineups:

7.4 Sirois 6.9 Campbell 7.1 Waterman - Romañuk 7.1 Teixeira 7.5 Choiniere 7 Piette 6.5 Edwards  7 Duke - Toye 7.2 Lassiter
6.5 Quiróz 6.8 Þór­halls­son 7 Brekalo 6.7 Jansson 6.5 Smith 7.2 Vilches 6.7 Mendoza 6.8 Pérez 6.9 Benítez 6.7 Cortés 7.1 McGuire

Team Stats

CF Montréal stand 9th in the Major League Soccer:

Orlando City stand 13th in the Major League Soccer:

Predicted Lineups Player Stats:

CF Montréal

  • J. Sirois: Goalkeeper

  • G. Campbell: 180 mins, 110 passes, 73% accuracy, 6 ft 2

  • J. Waterman: 270 mins, 162 passes, 89% accuracy, 6 ft 2

  • E. Sosa Romañuk: 6 ft

  • R. Teixeira: 263 mins, 1 assist, 74 passes, 66% accuracy, 5 ft 6

  • M. Choiniere: 270 mins, 1 assist, 160 passes, 87% accuracy, 5 ft 8

  • S. Piette: 235 mins, 136 passes, 87% accuracy, 5 ft 6

  • Raheem Edwards : 20 mins, 12 passes, 94% accuracy

  • B. Duke: 219 mins, 91 passes, 75% accuracy, 5 ft 6

  • M. Toye: 6 ft 3

  • A. Lassiter: 257 mins, 1 assist, 87 passes, 87% accuracy, 5 ft 10

Orlando City

  • P. Gallese Quiróz: Goalkeeper

  • D. Þór­halls­son: 322 mins, 164 passes, 86% accuracy

  • D. Brekalo: 167 mins, 125 passes, 90% accuracy

  • R. Jansson: 360 mins, 222 passes, 88% accuracy, 6 ft

  • K. Smith: 138 mins, 107 passes, 86% accuracy, 5 ft 8

  • C. Araújo Vilches: 220 mins, 138 passes, 89% accuracy, 5 ft 10

  • W. Cartagena Mendoza: 142 mins, 114 passes, 89% accuracy, 5 ft 10

  • F. Torres Pérez: 198 mins, 89 passes, 77% accuracy, 5 ft 9

  • M. Lodeiro Benítez: 252 mins, 224 passes, 83% accuracy, 5 ft 6

  • I. Angulo Cortés: 270 mins, 123 passes, 84% accuracy, 5 ft 6

  • D. McGuire: 313 mins, 2 goals, 65 passes, 84% accuracy


April 20, 2024 - Orlando, FL: The stage is set for an electrifying showdown as Orlando City prepares to face off against CF Montral in a highly anticipated football match. Both teams are determined to secure victory and climb up the league standings.

CF Montral currently sits at the ninth position in the league table under the guidance of their manager Laurent Courtois. With aspirations of moving higher up, they will rely on their predicted line-up consisting of some key players.

In goal for CF Montral, J. Sirois is expected to guard his team's net with utmost determination and skill. On defense, G. Campbell has already made two appearances this season and showcased his abilities by completing 110 passes with an accuracy rate of 73%. Joining him at center-back is J. Waterman who boasts impressive passing statistics having completed 162 passes accurately out of a total attempt count of 180.

Eager to contribute on offense are E.Sosa Romauk and R.Teixeira who have shown promise in previous matches by providing one assist each while maintaining solid passing accuracies (66% and 87% respectively). M.Choiniere has also proven himself as a valuable asset with one assist alongside accurate passing rates (160/184).

S.Piette offers stability in midfield where he orchestrates playmaking duties effectively; he has successfully completed136 passes so far this season boasting an impressive pass accuracy rating (87%). Raheem Edwards adds depth upfront despite limited minutes played but showcases excellent precision when it comes to distributing balls accurately over short distances (94%).

B.Duke completes the midfield lineup after showcasing strong performances throughout three appearances totaling90 successful passes outof121 attempts(75%). In attack,M.Toyeand A.Lassiterare expectedtoshineas they aimtocause problemsforthe Orlandodefense.

Orlando City, led by manager scar Alexander Pareja Gmez, currently occupies the 13th position in the league standings. Despite their struggles this season, they are determined to turn things around and secure a much-needed victory.

In goal for Orlando City is P.Gallese Quirz who will be relied upon to make crucial saves and keep CF Montral's attacking threats at bay. On defense, D.rhallsson has been impressive with his passing accuracy of 86% (164/190) while D.Brekalo showcases his defensive prowess alongside accurate distribution rates (90%).

R.Jansson provides stability at center-back having played every minute of all four matches so far; he boasts an excellent pass completion rate of88%(222/252). K.Smith complements him on defense after completing107 successful passes outof124 attempts(86%).

C.Arajo Vilches contributes effectively in midfield where he demonstrates precision in distributing balls accurately over short distances (89%). W.Cartagena Mendoza offers additional support from midfield as well,havingcompleted114 passes successfullyoutof128attempts(89%). F.Torres Prezalso bringshis experienceandpassing skillsas hemanages to complete77%passesaccurately throughoutthe gamesplayedso far.

M.Lodeiro Bentezhas been instrumental for Orlando City this season leading their attack.He has already completed224successful passeswithanaccuracyrateof83%.I.Angulo Corts joins him upfront showcasing consistency with123 accurate passesoutoftotalattempt count137.Theymakefora formidableduo thatCFMontralwill needtocontaintosecureavictory.

D.McGuire stands out amongst his teammates with two goals scored so farinthisseason.Hiscontributiononoffensivewillbemassive,andhe adds depthto Orlando City's attacking options. His passing accuracy stands at 84% (65/77), which further enhances his importance to the team.

With both teams fielding strong line-ups and aiming for victory, fans can expect an intense battle on the pitch when CF Montral takes on Orlando City. The match promises to be a thrilling affair as these two sides compete fiercely in their quest for success in the league standings.