Predicted Line-Ups: KFUM vs Brann

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Title: KFUM Prepares for Exciting Clash Against Brann

Predicted Line Up & Formation

Predicted Lineups:

- Ødegaard - Akinyemi - Njie - Harrison - Hoseth - Hestnes - Rasch - Nouri - Sandal - Dahl - Hummelvoll-Nunez
- Dyngeland - Crone - Knudsen - Larsen - Kristiansen - Kornvig - Nilsen - Kartum - Blomberg - Finne - Castro

Team Stats

KFUM stand 10th in the Eliteserien:

Brann stand 3rd in the Eliteserien:

Predicted Lineups Player Stats:


  • Emil Ødegaard

  • Akinsola Akinyemi

  • Momodou Lion Njie

  • Kristoffer Lassen Harrison

  • Håkon Helland Hoseth

  • Simen Hestnes

  • Robin Rasch

  • Amin Nouri

  • Sverre Hakami Sandal

  • Petter Nosa Dahl

  • Johannes Hummelvoll-Nunez


  • M. Dyngeland: Goalkeeper

  • S. Crone: 6 ft

  • F. Pallesen Knudsen: 6 ft 2

  • Japhet Sery Larsen

  • Ruben Kristiansen

  • E. Kornvig: Midfielder

  • S. Heltne Nilsen: 27 mins, 6 ft

  • Sander Erik Kartum

  • Ole Didrik Blomberg

  • B. Finne: 5 ft 8

  • Niklas Castro


KFUM, currently positioned 10th in the league, is gearing up to face off against Brann on April 28th. The home team's manager, Johannes Moesgaard, has been working tirelessly with his squad to ensure a strong performance and secure valuable points.

With one win under their belt this season and a total of five goals scored so far, KFUM aims to build on their recent success. Their defense has also shown promise with one clean sheet recorded thus far. With a tally of 273 attacks throughout the campaign, they have proven themselves as an offensive force.

In preparation for the upcoming match against Brann, KFUM is expected to field a formidable lineup that combines both experience and talent:

- Emil degaard

- Akinsola Akinyemi

- Momodou Lion Njie

- Kristoffer Lassen Harrison

- Hkon Helland Hoseth

- Simen Hestnes

- Robin Rasch

- Amin Nouri

-Sverre Hakami Sandal

-Petter Nosa Dahl

-Johannes Hummelvoll-Nunez

On the other hand, Brann enters this encounter from a more favorable position at third place in the league standings. Under Eirik Horneland's guidance as manager ,they too possess immense potential.

Brann boasts eight goals already this season but are yet to keep any clean sheets. However,a staggering number of 383 attacks demonstrate their attacking prowess which could pose significant challenges for KFUM's defense.

Anticipating an intense battle between these two teams,KFUM will need solid performances from key players such as Emil degaard,Akinsola Akinyemi,and Sverre Hakami Sandal,to name just few who can make decisive contributions during crucial moments.

While Japhet Sery Larsen,Ruben Kristiansen,and Ole Didrik Blomberg are some of the notable names in Brann's predicted lineup who will be looking to maintain their team's impressive attacking form.

With both teams aiming for victory, this match promises an exciting display of skill and determination. Football enthusiasts can expect a thrilling encounter as KFUM aims to capitalize on home advantage and continue their ascent up the league table against formidable opponents like Brann.