Predicted Line-Ups: RKC Waalwijk vs FC Utrecht

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Total wins


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In what promises to be an exciting clash between RKC Waalwijk and FC Utrecht, football fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming match on April 28, 2024. The game will take place at the Mandemakers Stadion, with both teams aiming for victory.

Predicted Line Up & Formation

Predicted Lineups:

7.3 Vaessen - Gaari 7 Adewoye 7.1 Buijs 6.5 Lutonda - Roemeratoe 7.3 Oukili - Seuntjens  6.6 Niemeijer 6.8 Lokesa 6.6 Min
- Barkas 6.4 Maarel 6.9 Flamingo 6.4 Viergever 6.7 Elkarouani 6.7 Iqbal 7 Fraulo 6.9 Toornstra 7.1 Jensen 6.8 Lidberg - Lammers

Team Stats

RKC Waalwijk stand 16th in the Eredivisie:

  • Total wins: 4

  • Total goals: 16

  • Total clean sheets: 2

  • Total attacks: 1682

FC Utrecht stand 7th in the Eredivisie:

  • Total wins: 4

  • Total goals: 17

  • Total clean sheets: 3

  • Total attacks: 1645

Predicted Lineups Player Stats:

RKC Waalwijk

  • E. Vaessen: Goalkeeper

  • J. Gaari: Defender

  • S. Adewoye: 997 mins, 531 passes, 86% accuracy

  • D. Van den Buijs: 1142 mins, 842 passes, 82% accuracy, 5 ft 11

  • T. Lutonda: 222 mins, 114 passes, 89% accuracy

  • G. Roemeratoe: Midfielder

  • Y. Oukili: 1323 mins, 5 goals, 481 passes, 79% accuracy

  • Mats Seuntjens 

  • R. Niemeijer: 446 mins, 92 passes, 62% accuracy, 5 ft 10

  • C. Lokesa: 730 mins, 1 goal, 190 passes, 84% accuracy

  • D. Min: 483 mins, 1 goal, 89 passes, 65% accuracy

FC Utrecht

  • V. Barkas: Goalkeeper

  • M. van der Maarel: 291 mins, 142 passes, 72% accuracy, 5 ft 9

  • R. Flamingo: 1201 mins, 2 goals, 1 assist, 607 passes, 77% accuracy

  • N. Viergever: 526 mins, 313 passes, 85% accuracy, 6 ft

  • S. Elkarouani: 872 mins, 314 passes, 78% accuracy

  • Zidane Iqbal: 45 mins, 40 passes, 71% accuracy

  • O. Fraulo: 909 mins, 2 goals, 1 assist, 397 passes, 80% accuracy

  • J. Toornstra: 537 mins, 1 goal, 208 passes, 70% accuracy, 5 ft 10

  • V. Jensen: 754 mins, 4 goals, 237 passes, 83% accuracy

  • I. Lidberg: 565 mins, 1 goal, 2 assists, 97 passes, 65% accuracy, 6 ft 1

  • S. Lammers: 6 ft 2

Missing Players:

  • Zakaria Labyad
  • Anthony Descotte
  • Modibo Sagnan
  • Isac Lidberg
  • Hugo Novoa


From an FC Utrecht perspective, they currently sit in a respectable seventh position in the league table. Under the guidance of manager Rob Penders, their performance has been commendable so far this season. With two wins under their belt and eight goals scored, FC Utrecht is ready to showcase their skills against RKC Waalwijk.

On the other hand, RKC Waalwijk finds themselves lower down in sixteenth place. Led by manager Henk Fraser's tactical approach, they have secured one win throughout the campaign but managed to keep a clean sheet once as well. However, with only three goals scored and sitting near relegation territory, they face an uphill battle against a formidable opponent like FC Utrecht.

As we look towards predicted line-ups for this crucial encounter:

For RKC Waalwijk:

- E. Vaessen is expected to guard goal.

- J.Gaari will likely feature as part of defense.

- S.Adewoye has shown his defensive prowess with impressive stats: 997 minutes played across thirteen appearances while maintaining passing accuracy at 86% over total passes made (531).

- D.Van den Buijs brings experience to bolster defense having accumulated1142 minutes played over thirteen games; he boasts solid passing statistics too - completing82% of his842 attempted passes.

-T.Lutonda may make appearance after featuringin four previous matches where he maintained89% pass accuracy from222total attempts.

-G.Roemeratoe could play midfield role

-Y.Oukili displayed attacking threatwith fivegoalsfrom1323minutesplayedand passed accurately79%of481attempts

-Mats Seuntjens could make an impact

-R.Niemeijer has made11appearances, contributing with92passesand maintaining62%pass accuracy.

-C.Lokesa brings a goal threat having scored once in730minutes played and completed84%of190 passes.

-D.Min may feature after scoring one goal from483 minutesplayed while achieving65%accuracy over89 pass attempts.

For FC Utrecht:

- V. Barkas is expected to be the goalkeeper for this match.

- M. van der Maarel will likely form part of the defense, boasting 291 minutes played across seven appearances along with a passing accuracy rate of 72%, completing142 out of his total attempted passes.

-N.Viergever brings experience into defense,having accumulated526minutes playedover eight games;he maintains85 %passingaccuracyfrom313attemptsmade

-S.Elkarouanihas shown reliability at left-back positionplaying872minsacrosselevenmatcheswith78%passeffectivenessover314attemptedpasses

-Zidane Iqbal might make appearanceafter makingfour previous outingsmaintaining71percentpassaccurayfrom40attemptsmade

-O.Fraulois another key playerwho displayed attacking prowessbycontributingtwo goalsanda decisiveassistin909minutesplayedwhilecompleting80percentof397totalpassedmade-

-J.Toornstra's contributions have not gone unnoticed as he registeredonegoal537minsofplaytime,andcompleted70 percent208outoftotal-passesmadefrom13matchesfeatured

-V.Jensen poses athreattoRKC Waalwijkdefensehaving foundthe backthenet four timesinfourteen matches.In addition,hemaintains83 percentpassingaccuracy-from237total-passesmade

-I.Lidberghasbeenapromisingtalentwithonegoal andtwoassists from565minutesplayed;however,heonlycompleted65percentof97passattempts.

-S.Lammers is also expected to play a crucial role in the attacking department.

With both teams eager to secure victory, this clash promises to be an intense battle. FC Utrecht will look to capitalize on their higher league position and stronger overall performance so far this season. However, RKC Waalwijk's home advantage may provide them with the necessary motivation needed for an upset. Football fans are eagerly anticipating what unfolds at Mandemakers Stadion on April 28th as these two teams vie for supremacy on the pitch.