Predicted Line-Ups: Charlotte vs Toronto

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Total wins


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Title: Charlotte Prepares for Showdown Against Toronto with Predicted Lineup

Predicted Line Up & Formation

Predicted Lineups:

7.1 Kahlina - Lindsey 7.3 Malanda 7.1 Privett 7.3 Uronen 7.2 Westwood 7 Diani - Abada 6.9 Dejaegere 6.5 Vargas 6.8 Copetti
- Johnson - O'Neill 7 Long - Gomis - Marshall-Rutty - Longstaff - Flores - Spicer - Kerr - Bernardeschi 6.9 Osorio

Team Stats

Charlotte stand 9th in the Major League Soccer:

Toronto stand 8th in the Major League Soccer:

  • Total wins: 3

  • Total goals: 5

  • Total clean sheets: 4

  • Total attacks: 458

Predicted Lineups Player Stats:


  • K. Kahlina: Goalkeeper

  • J. Lindsey: 5 ft 8

  • A. Malanda: 360 mins, 1 goal, 211 passes, 84% accuracy, 6 ft

  • A. Privett: 360 mins, 263 passes, 86% accuracy

  • J. Uronen: 360 mins, 1 assist, 159 passes, 81% accuracy, 5 ft 9

  • A. Westwood: 360 mins, 226 passes, 85% accuracy, 5 ft 8

  • D. Diani: 90 mins, 51 passes, 92% accuracy, 6 ft

  • L. Abada: Attacker

  • B. Dejaegere: 303 mins, 1 goal, 1 assist, 84 passes, 77% accuracy, 5 ft 8

  • K. Calderón Vargas: 283 mins, 84 passes, 84% accuracy

  • E. Copetti: 244 mins, 48 passes, 67% accuracy


  • Sean Johnson

  • S. O'Neill: 6 ft 2

  • K. Long: 1170 mins, 549 passes, 81% accuracy, 6 ft 2

  • Nicksoen Gomis

  • J. Marshall-Rutty: 267 mins, 1 goal, 1 assist, 5 ft 6

  • M. Longstaff: Midfielder

  • D. Flores: 6 ft

  • Tyrese Spicer

  • Deandre Kerr

  • F. Bernardeschi: 6 ft

  • J. Osorio: 120 mins, 42 passes, 92% accuracy, 5 ft 8

Missing Players:

  • A. Diomande


Charlotte, April 13, 2024 - Excitement is building as the highly anticipated football match between Charlotte and Toronto draws near. With both teams eager to secure a victory, fans are in for an action-packed showdown at the stadium on this upcoming game day.

Heading into this clash, Charlotte finds themselves positioned ninth in the league standings under the guidance of their esteemed manager Dean Smith. Despite not yet securing a win this season, they have shown promising signs of progress. The team's total goal count stands at one while clean sheets remain elusive thus far.

Analyzing their attacking prowess reveals that Charlotte has made 85 determined attacks throughout previous matches but failed to convert them into goals or victories. However, hopes are high within the squad that these statistics will soon change when they face off against Toronto.

Looking ahead to today's fixture and considering predicted lineups based on recent performances and available data:

In defense:

- K. Kahlina is expected to take his place guarding Charlottes' net.

- J. Lindsey will likely be deployed alongside him providing solid defensive support.

- A new addition named A.Malanda has already proven himself by scoring a goal during his four appearances totaling 360 minutes on-field so far.

- Another reliable player set to feature prominently is A.Privett who boasts an impressive passing accuracy rate of 86% from his four appearances spanning across all games played until now.

- Adding strength down the left flank would be J.Uronen who possesses excellent passing skills along with one assist credited under his name so far.

-A.Westwood brings experience and precision through midfield having completed passes accurately around 85%, making him crucial for creating opportunities going forward

-D.Diani showcased great potential in limited playing time but could make an impact if given more minutes

-L.Abada offers creativity up front with his technical abilities

-B.Dejaegere, having scored a goal and provided an assist in four appearances totaling 303 minutes so far, will be hoping to continue his impressive form.

-K.Caldern Vargas has also displayed consistent passing accuracy of 84% across all games played until now.

-E.Copetti may prove instrumental in breaking through Toronto's defense if given the opportunity.

Meanwhile, on the opposing side stands Toronto under their manager John Herdman. They currently sit just one position above Charlotte at eighth place. With three wins already under their belt this season and five goals scored along with four clean sheets achieved thus far, they are likely to provide stiff competition for Charlotte.

However, it should be noted that Toronto is missing A.Diomande from their lineup due to unknown reasons which could potentially affect their performance today.

As anticipation builds among fans and players alike ahead of this thrilling encounter between two determined teams aiming for victory, only time will tell who emerges triumphant when Charlotte faces off against Toronto on April 13th.