Predicted Line-Ups: Cagliari vs Lecce

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Total goals


Total clean sheets


Total attacks


Total wins


Total goals


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In an exciting matchup set to take place at the Sardegna Arena on May 5, Cagliari will face off against Lecce in a highly anticipated football match. The home team, Cagliari, currently sits at 14th in the league standings under the guidance of manager Claudio Ranieri.

Predicted Line Up & Formation

Predicted Lineups:

- Scuffet 6.9 Hatzidiakos 6.6 Obert - Prati - Augello - Acosta 7 Shomurodov - Gaetano
- Falcone - Gendrey - Baschirotto - Pongracic - Gallo - Oudin - Blin - Dorgu - Krstović - Piccoli

Team Stats

Cagliari stand 14th in the Serie A:

  • Total wins: 4

  • Total goals: 19

  • Total clean sheets: 3

  • Total attacks: 1800

Lecce stand 13th in the Serie A:

  • Total wins: 4

  • Total goals: 20

  • Total clean sheets: 2

  • Total attacks: 1928

Predicted Lineups Player Stats:


  • S. Scuffet: Goalkeeper

  • P. Hatzidiakos: 180 mins, 174 passes, 89% accuracy, 5 ft 11

  • A. Obert: 179 mins, 1 assist, 77 passes, 86% accuracy, 6 ft 1

  • M. Prati: Midfielder

  • T. Augello: 15 mins, 5 ft 10

  • N. Nández Acosta: 15 mins, 5 ft 8

  • E. Shomurodov: 76 mins, 26 passes, 65% accuracy, 6 ft 2

  • G. Gaetano: 5 ft 8

Missing Players:

  • Elio Capradossi
  • Jacopo Desogus


  • W. Falcone: Goalkeeper

  • V. Gendrey: Defender

  • F. Baschirotto: Defender

  • M. Pongracic: 6 ft 2

  • A. Gallo: 6 ft 2

  • R. Oudin: 6 ft

  • A. Blin: 6 ft

  • P. Chinazaekpere Dorgu: Defender

  • N. Krstović: Attacker

  • R. Piccoli: Attacker


Cagliari's statistics show that they have secured a total of 3 wins so far this season, scoring 8 goals and keeping clean sheets twice. Their attacking prowess is evident with a total of 466 attacks throughout their matches.

However, Cagliari will be missing key players Elio Capradossi and Jacopo Desogus for this crucial game. In response to these absences, the predicted line-up includes standout performers such as S. Scuffet and P. Hatzidiakos who have shown great passing accuracy rates of 89% and 86% respectively.

Other players like A. Obert with one assist already this season and G.Gaetano are expected to make significant contributions during the match against Lecce.

On the other side of the pitch, Lecce managed by Luca Gotti holds onto a slightly higher league position at number thirteen with two wins under their belt thus far along with maintaining two clean sheets.

Their predicted line-up features skilled individuals including W.Falcone,V.Gendrey,F.Baschirotto,M.Pongracic,A.Gallo,R.Oudin,A.Blin,P.Chinazaekpere Dorgu,N.Krstovi,and R.Piccoli all ready to challenge Cagliari's defense

As both teams prepare for what promises to be an intense battle on the field,Cagilair fans eagerly await kick-off hoping for another victory from their beloved team led by coach Claudio Ranieri."