Jadon Sancho raring to "get the job done" against PSG for Borussia Dortmund
Source: Bvbbuzz

Borussia Dortmund took a very massive step towards making it to this year's Champions League final at Wembley by beating Paris Saint-Germain 1-0 at the Westfalenstadion. The game put on display some of the best football Dortmund have played all season, once again underlining just how much of a different beast they've been in Europe as opposed to their mediocre 5th place finish in the Bundesliga.

There were many players that provided sparks of hope for the Dortmund faithful throughout the match, but one that stood out was of course the club's own (on loan) starboy, Jadon Sancho. Since his return to Dortmund after leaving for Manchester United in 2021, Sancho has been in the midst of an on-field renaissance, with this performance really underlining the fact that playing football with joy for Dortmund has once again begun to bring the best out of the English winger.

Sancho was brilliant against PSG, and while he didn't find the net the way he did against RB Leipzig on the weekend, his stats are nothing to sniff at. Against PSG, Sancho managed an 88% pass accuracy and created three chances for Dortmund to score from, 13 of his 18 dribbles were successful and he had 7 ball recoveries which he utilized to try and propel his team forward. Sancho, like many of his teammates, put in a shift worthy of commending.

In the post-match interview, Sancho was very happy with the result, but also very calm and collected. He credited the fans for their help in motivating the team to achieve the result on the night:

"When we have our fans, we're so motivated, so when we hear them, we just can't wait to play. "

- Jadon Sancho Sancho would go on to get complimented for his performance, but he clearly stated that the tie, as it stands, still needs to be put to bed.

"I appreciate that [compliments about his performance] but it's not over. We've still got to go to Paris and hopefully we can get the job done there but I appreciate the compliments. "

- Jadon Sancho Sancho also touched on just what about Borussia Dortmund resonates with him, and his answer revolved around the club being welcoming and giving him the chance to show what he could do from a young age:

"Obviously I came here at 17 and they [Dortmund] gave me the opportunity to play my professional football so I'm just delighted with all the staff and the players that have welcomed me back and I always give it my everything in front of the fans"

- Jadon Sancho Sancho's connection to the club, and this uptick in performances, has given rise to more rumors regarding the possibility of a permanent stay, with Dortmund and United allegedly looking to negotiate the details. Time will tell if this comes to fruition, but it's clear that something clicks for Sancho in Dortmund, and it would be a shame to cut the story short with it going so well for him, and in extension Dortmund.