Predicted Line-Ups: NEC vs AZ

Total wins


Total goals


Total clean sheets


Total attacks


Total wins


Total goals


Total clean sheets


Total attacks


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AZ Prepare for Clash Against NEC in Goffertstadion

Predicted Line Up & Formation

Predicted Lineups:

7 Cillessen - Pereira 7.2 Sandler 7.1 Nuytinck 7.2 Verdonk 6.8 Hoedemakers 7.2 Proper - Chery - Sano - Baas 7 Ogawa
- Ryan 7.6 Sugawara - Dekker 7 Bazoer - Wolfe 6.8 Dantas - Kwakman 7.1 Mijnans 7.2 Wit 6.8 Bommel - Pavlidis

Team Stats

NEC stand 6th in the Eredivisie:

  • Total wins: 4

  • Total goals: 29

  • Total clean sheets: 2

  • Total attacks: 1494

AZ stand 4th in the Eredivisie:

  • Total wins: 10

  • Total goals: 35

  • Total clean sheets: 6

  • Total attacks: 1639

Predicted Lineups Player Stats:


  • J. Cillessen: Goalkeeper

  • B. Pereira: Defender

  • P. Sandler: 612 mins, 424 passes, 92% accuracy, 6 ft 2

  • B. Nuytinck: 1211 mins, 782 passes, 87% accuracy, 6 ft 2

  • C. Verdonk: 1335 mins, 2 assists, 858 passes, 74% accuracy, 5 ft 7

  • M. Hoedemakers: 443 mins, 2 assists, 217 passes, 76% accuracy, 5 ft 11

  • D. Proper: 1253 mins, 2 goals, 1 assist, 629 passes, 85% accuracy

  • T. Chery: 90 mins, 5 ft 6

  • K. Sano: 5 ft 9

  • Y. Baas: 345 mins

  • K. Ogawa: 954 mins, 5 goals, 153 passes, 77% accuracy, 6 ft 1

Missing Players:

  • Kas de Wit
  • Bas Dost


  • M. Ryan: Goalkeeper

  • Y. Sugawara: 1283 mins, 4 assists, 788 passes, 84% accuracy, 5 ft 10

  • M. Dekker: Defender

  • R. Bazoer: 990 mins, 670 passes, 91% accuracy, 6 ft

  • D. Wolfe: Defender

  • T. Dantas: 343 mins, 1 goal, 230 passes, 84% accuracy, 5 ft 6

  • D. Kwakman: Midfielder

  • S. Mijnans: 944 mins, 3 assists, 508 passes, 84% accuracy

  • D. de Wit: 1032 mins, 5 goals, 3 assists, 383 passes, 77% accuracy, 6 ft

  • R. van Bommel: 500 mins, 2 goals, 1 assist, 147 passes, 76% accuracy

  • V. Pavlidis: 6 ft 1

Missing Players:

  • Mayckel Lahdo
  • Sven Mijnans
  • Mees De Wit
  • S. Westerveld


Nijmegen, Netherlands - As the 2023-2024 football season draws to a close, AZ Alkmaar is gearing up for an exciting clash against NEC Nijmegen on April 28th at the historic Goffertstadion. With both teams eyeing a strong finish in their respective league positions, this match promises to be a thrilling encounter.

Currently sitting at fourth place in the league standings, AZ manager Maarten Martens has been working tirelessly with his squad to secure another victory and maintain their impressive form. The team's statistics speak volumes about their capabilities: four wins so far this season, scoring a total of twelve goals while keeping three clean sheets. Their attacking prowess can also be seen through an astounding five hundred thirty-two attacks throughout the campaign.

Although they have encountered some setbacks due to missing players such as Mayckel Lahdo, Sven Mijnans, Mees De Wit and S. Westerveld who are currently unavailable due to injuries or other reasons; Martens remains confident that his side will rise above these challenges and deliver an outstanding performance.

In preparation for this crucial fixture against NEC Nijmegen positioned sixth in the league table under manager Rogier Meijer AZ is expected to field its predicted lineup featuring star players including Mat Ryan guarding goalpost with Yoshihiro Sugawara providing defensive support from right-back position having made fifteen appearances already this season along with notable passing accuracy of eighty-four percent accompanied by four assists highlighting his contribution towards offensive plays till now during ongoing tournament.

At center back Michael Dekker stands tall alongside Riechedly Bazoer offering stability within defense lines where Bazoer has played twelve matches delivering remarkable performances managing ninety-one percent passes completion rate showing excellent ball distribution skills ensuring smooth transitions between midfielders which becomes pivotal when moving forward into opponent territory using long passes or short combinations.

On the left flank, Owen Wijndal's absence has been filled by Delano Wolfe who is expected to provide a strong defensive presence while contributing to attacking plays. In midfield, Thijs Dantas will be looking to make an impact with his dynamic playing style and goal-scoring ability having already found the back of the net once this season along with eighty-four percent pass accuracy in eight appearances so far.

Sven Mijnans' injury opens up opportunities for other players like Danil Kwakman who has proven himself as a reliable central midfielder during his twelve appearances providing three assists displaying excellent vision and passing skills ensuring smooth transitions between defense and attack.

Upfront, AZ boasts firepower in the form of Daan de Wit leading their attacking line. Having scored five goals this season alongside seventy-seven percent pass accuracy from fourteen matches played showcasing great finishing abilities inside opponent box making him one of their key offensive threats heading into this fixture against NEC Nijmegen. Alongside De Wit stands Robin van Bommel whose two goals have contributed significantly towards team success adding depth to AZ's frontline play complemented by seventy-six percent pass completion rate demonstrating good link-up play within final third facilitating scoring opportunities for teammates which he hopes can lead them towards another victory on Wednesday night at Goffertstadion

As both teams prepare themselves mentally and physically for what promises to be an exhilarating clash between these Dutch powerhouses, football fans across the country eagerly await kick-off time at 7:00 PM local time on April 28th when all eyes will turn towards Goffertstadion where AZ Alkmaar aims continue its successful campaign against determined opponents NEC Nijmegen led by Rogier Meijer hoping secure crucial points home ground aiming further climb up league table standings marking milestone moment ongoing journey current tournament