Predicted Line-Ups: Colorado Rapids vs Dallas

Total wins


Total goals


Total clean sheets

Total attacks


Total wins


Total goals


Total clean sheets

Total attacks


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In an exciting upcoming football match, the Colorado Rapids will be facing off against Dallas on April 21, 2024. With both teams eager to secure a victory, fans can expect an intense battle on the field.

Predicted Line Up & Formation

Predicted Lineups:

- Steffen - Rosenberry - Bombito - Maxsø 6.8 Vines - Bassett - Larraz - Harris 7 Mihailovic - Fernandez - Navarro
- Paes - Ibeagha - Luczak - Junqua - Arriola  - Illarramendi 6.2 Fraser - Sealy - Lletget - Musa - Ansah

Team Stats

Colorado Rapids stand 5th in the Major League Soccer:

  • Total wins: 2

  • Total goals: 8

  • Total attacks: 659

Dallas stand 13th in the Major League Soccer:

  • Total wins: 1

  • Total goals: 6

  • Total attacks: 508

Predicted Lineups Player Stats:

Colorado Rapids

  • Z. Steffen: Goalkeeper

  • Keegan Rosenberry

  • M. Bombito

  • Andreas Maxsø

  • S. Vines: 210 mins, 1 goal, 142 passes, 77% accuracy, 5 ft 10

  • Cole Bassett

  • Oliver Larraz

  • Calvin Harris

  • D. Mihailovic: 274 mins, 112 passes, 83% accuracy, 5 ft 10

  • Omir Fernandez

  • Rafael Navarro

Missing Players:

  • M. Ilić


  • M. Paes

  • Sebastien Ibeagha

  • Mikolaj Luczak

  • Sam Junqua

  • Paul Arriola 

  • Asier Illarramendi

  • L. Fraser: 31 mins, 11 passes, 90% accuracy, 6 ft

  • Dante Sealy

  • Sebastian Lletget

  • P. Musa: Attacker

  • Eugene Ansah

Missing Players:

  • P. Arriola


Heading into this match, the home team Colorado Rapids currently hold a league position of 5 under their manager Chris Armas. The Rapids have shown promising form with two wins so far in the season and have scored a total of eight goals. Their attacking prowess is evident through their impressive statistic of 659 total attacks.

However, Colorado will be missing one key player for this game - M. Ili. His absence may impact their midfield creativity and goal-scoring opportunities.

The predicted line-up for the home team includes Z. Steffen as goalkeeper and Keegan Rosenberry in defense alongside M.Bombito, Andreas Maxs, and S.Vines who has played impressively with five appearances totaling to 210 minutes on-field time along with contributing one goal from his side while making accurate passes out of his142 attempts at an accuracy rate of77%. In midfield,Cole Bassettand Oliver Larraz are expected to play crucial roles.Furthermore Calvin Harris,D.Mihailovicwho had showcased excellent performances throughoutthe seasonis also partofthis lineupwithD.Mihailovichaving made8appearances clocking274minutesplayingtimealongsidecontributingtotheteam'sattackswith112passesinhisnamepassingthemaccuratelyat83%accuracy.Omir Fernandezand Rafael Navarroare set to leadColoradoRapids' attack upfront during this thrilling encounter.

On the other hand,the awayteamDallascurrently holdsa leaguepositionof13undertheirmanagerNicolsEstvezMartnez.Theyhaveachievedonewinsince theseasoncommencedandanoveralltotalofsixgoals.With508attackssofar,thisindicatesthattheyaretacticallywell-preparedfortheirupcominggameagainsttheRapids.

However, Dallas will be missing one of their influential players, P. Arriola, which may affect their attacking options and overall team dynamics.

The predicted line-up for the away team includes M.Paes as goalkeeper withSebastien Ibeagha,Mikolaj Luczak,Sam Junqua,and Paul Arriola in defense. In midfield,the experienced Asier Illarramendi is expected to provide stability alongside L.Fraser who has made a solitary appearance playing 31 minutes contributing11 passeswith90%accuracy.Dante Sealyand SebastianLletgetwill play crucial roles upfrontalongsideP.MusaandEugene Ansahwhoareexpectedtocontributeoffensivelyinthisexcitingmatch.

As both teams prepare for this clash on April 21st, fans can anticipate an exhilarating encounter between Colorado Rapids and Dallas. With predicted line-ups featuring talented individuals from both sides and promising statistics supporting their performances so far in the season, it remains to be seen which team will emerge victorious at the final whistle.