Predicted Line-Ups: Tyumen vs Neftekhimik

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Total goals


Total clean sheets


Total attacks


Total wins


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In an exciting upcoming football match set to take place on April 20, 2024, Tyumen will face off against Neftekhimik. The clash between these two teams is expected to be a thrilling encounter filled with intense competition and strategic gameplay.

Team Stats

Tyumen stand 6th in the FNL:

  • Total wins: 10

  • Total goals: 28

  • Total clean sheets: 9

  • Total attacks: 1801

Neftekhimik stand 7th in the FNL:

  • Total wins: 6

  • Total goals: 15

  • Total clean sheets: 7

  • Total attacks: 1509

Predicted Lineups Player Stats:


  • E. Lyubakov

  • A. Bem

  • N. Pechenkin

  • R. Baytukov

  • K. Myrzakov

  • M. Petrov

  • E. Bolotov

  • P. Shadrin

  • I. Markelov

  • I. Nasyrov

  • K. Nikishin

  • V. Ergardt

  • V. Shitov

  • A. Korotaev: 2573 mins, 4 goals, 1 assist, 5 ft 6

  • N. Balakhontsev: 469 mins, 5 ft 8

  • I. Moskalenchik: Defender

  • A. Sinyak

  • A. Maryanov

  • I. Druzhinin

  • D. Samoylov

  • N. Kasatkin


  • A. Golubev

  • S. Eshchenko: 6 ft 3

  • A. Kakhidze

  • M. Shorkin

  • K. Bazelyuk

  • P. Kotov

  • V. Galiulin

  • M. Petrov: 360 mins, 1 goal, 5 ft 5

  • D. Emelyanov

  • A. Gerasimov

  • K. Shiltsov

  • S. Dzhamilov


Looking at the home team's data, Tyumen currently holds the sixth position in the league standings. Under the guidance of manager Igor Menshchikov, they are determined to make their mark in this match. However, it is worth noting that Tyumen has yet to secure a win this season and has not managed to score any goals or keep any clean sheets so far. With only 129 total attacks recorded up until now, they will need to step up their offensive game if they hope for success against Neftekhimik.

The predicted line-up for Tyumen includes players such as E. Lyubakov, A. Bem, N. Pechenkin R.Baytukov K.Myrzakov M.Petrov E.Bolotov P.Shadrin I.Markelov I.Nasyrov K.Nikishin V.Ergardt V.Shitov A.Korotaev who have been instrumental throughout the season thus far.

On the other side of the pitch stands Neftekhimik led by manager Kirill Novikov and positioned seventh in the league rankings. This team has had more success than their opponents with one victory under their belt already this season along with three goals scored and one clean sheet maintained throughout previous matches played so far.

Neftekhimiks' attacking prowess can also be seen through recording 199 total attacks leading into this fixture indicating that they possess strong offensive capabilities which could pose a threat towards Tymen's defense.

The predicted line-up for Neftekhimk consists of players like A.Golubev S.Eshchenko A.Kakhidze M.Shorkin K.Bazelyuk P.Kotov V.Galiulin and M.Petrov who has made a significant impact on the team with four appearances, scoring one goal.

With both teams looking to secure valuable points in this match, fans can expect an exhilarating contest filled with high-intensity gameplay. The clash between Tyumen and Neftekhimik is set to be a battle of wits as these two sides strive for victory. Football enthusiasts eagerly await April 20th to witness what promises to be an enthralling encounter on the field.