Predicted Line-Ups: Gil Vicente vs Arouca

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Total goals


Total clean sheets


Total attacks


Total wins


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Gil Vicente Prepares for Showdown Against Arouca in Estdio Cidade de Barcelos

Predicted Line Up & Formation

Predicted Lineups:

- Ventura - Pinto - Santos - Mananga - Buta - Fujimoto - Gbane - Dominguez - Correia - Alipour - Costa
6.9 Fernández 6.8 Milovanov - Barros - Rubio 6.8 Costa 6.8 Santos 7.2 Simão - Salgueiro 7.2 Pérez 6.6 García 7.1 García

Team Stats

Gil Vicente stand 12th in the Liga Portugal:

  • Total wins: 7

  • Total goals: 35

  • Total clean sheets: 7

  • Total attacks: 2597

Arouca stand 6th in the Liga Portugal:

  • Total wins: 4

  • Total goals: 22

  • Total clean sheets: 2

  • Total attacks: 1625

Predicted Lineups Player Stats:

Gil Vicente

  • A. da Silva Ventura: Goalkeeper

  • C. Reis Pinto: 90 mins, 6 ft 1

  • G. Pereira Magalhães dos Santos: 180 mins

  • J. Buatu Mananga: 6 ft 1

  • L. Ulineia Buta: 180 mins, 1 assist

  • K. Fujimoto: 271 mins, 2 goals, 1 assist, 5 ft 9

  • R. Gbane: 90 mins

  • M. Dominguez: 244 mins, 1 assist, 5 ft 8

  • F. Sanches Correia: 161 mins

  • A. Alipour: 76 mins, 5 ft 11

  • M. De Souza Costa: 328 mins, 1 goal, 1 assist, 5 ft 9


  • I. De Arruabarrena Fernández: Goalkeeper

  • B. Milovanov: 651 mins, 281 passes, 64% accuracy, 5 ft 10

  • R. Alves de Barros: 6 ft

  • F. Montero Rubio: 319 mins, 6 ft

  • W. Moreira da Costa: 626 mins, 1 assist, 247 passes, 70% accuracy

  • P. Carvalho Santos: 236 mins, 1 goal, 231 passes, 93% accuracy

  • D. Martins Simão: 1183 mins, 3 assists, 797 passes, 83% accuracy, 6 ft

  • D. Remeseiro Salgueiro: 5 ft 10

  • C. González Pérez: 1251 mins, 6 goals, 2 assists, 404 passes, 75% accuracy, 5 ft 10

  • M. Puche García: 173 mins, 56 passes, 88% accuracy

  • R. Mújica García: 1288 mins, 8 goals, 210 passes, 79% accuracy, 6 ft


Barcelos, Portugal - As the 2024 football season heats up, Gil Vicente is gearing up to face off against Arouca in an exciting match scheduled to take place on April 26th. The home team will be looking to secure a victory and improve their league position of 12 under the guidance of manager Antonio Jos Marreco de Gouveia.

With a total of seven wins so far this season, Gil Vicente has shown its prowess on the field. Their attacking style has resulted in an impressive goal tally of 35 goals and they have managed to keep their opponents at bay with seven clean sheets throughout the campaign. With a staggering number of attacks totaling at 2597, it's clear that Gil Vicente means business.

Heading into this crucial fixture, there are several key players expected to make an impact for Gil Vicente. A notable name among them is goalkeeper A. da Silva Ventura who will be tasked with ensuring his side remains solid defensively throughout the game.

In defense, C. Reis Pinto will bring his experience from one previous appearance where he played all ninety minutes confidently alongside G.Pereira Magalhes dos Santos who already boasts two appearances under his belt.

J.Buatu Mananga adds further strength and stability as part of the defensive line while L.Ulineia Buta looks set to contribute both defensively and offensively having provided one assist during three appearances this season.

K.Fujimoto has been instrumental in attack for Gil Vicente scoring twice along with providing one assist over four appearances amounting him more playing time than any other player thus far.R.Gbane,M.Dominguez,and F.Sanches Correia also look poised to play significant roles based on their past performances.

A.Alipour brings fresh energy after making just one appearance and M.De Souza Costa will be a key figure up front, having already found the back of the net once while providing an assist over four appearances.

Meanwhile, Arouca enters this match with a league position of 6th under manager Daniel Sousa. Although they have secured three wins so far in the season, their goal tally stands at seven goals. With only two clean sheets to their name and no data available on total attacks yet it remains to be seen how they will fare against Gil Vicente's strong attack.

Arouca's lineup is also packed with talent as I.De Arruabarrena Fernndez takes charge between the posts while B.Milovanov has been influential in defense boasting twelve appearances totaling 651 minutes played along with making crucial passes for his team.

R.Alves de Barros looks set to join him in defense alongside F.Montero Rubio who has featured six times during this campaign. W.Moreira da Costa brings both defensive stability and attacking prowess from midfield having made nine appearances thus far including one assist while P.Carvalho Santos adds another dimension upfront after scoring one goal along with maintaining a high passing accuracy rate of 93%.

D.Martins Simo has proved himself as an integral part of Arouca's midfield through fifteen appearances where he provided three assists showcasing his ability to create opportunities for his teammates.C.Gonzlez Prez leads the line confidently scoring six goals across sixteen games assisted by D.Remeseiro Salgueiro who ensures that there are plenty of chances being created for his side.

As R.Mjica Garca takes center stage leading Arouca's frontline boasting eight goals over sixteen matches,his partnership upfront could prove challenging for Gil Vicente defenders.The contribution from M.Puche Garca should not be underestimated either due to her consistent performances despite limited playing time.

With all eyes on Estdio Cidade de Barcelos come April 26th, football fans can expect an exhilarating encounter between Gil Vicente and Arouca. As both teams fight for a higher league position, it remains to be seen who will come out on top in this highly anticipated clash.

Note: The predicted lineups are based on available data and subject to change depending on the manager's decisions and player fitness.