Predicted Line-Ups: Odd vs Viking

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Total goals


Total clean sheets


Total attacks


Total wins


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Title: Viking Prepares to Take on Odd in Highly Anticipated Football Match

Predicted Line Up & Formation

Predicted Lineups:

- Klausen - Andersen 7 Ivančević - Miettinen - Baccay - Jørgensen - Owusu - Svendsen - Bang-Kittilsen - Ingebrigtsen - Tewelde
- Gunnarsson - Vevatne - Diop - Langås - Urbančič - Tangen - Bell - Yazbek - Tripić - Salvesen - D'Agostino

Team Stats

Odd stand 8th in the Eliteserien:

  • Total wins: 1

  • Total goals: 2

  • Total clean sheets: 1

  • Total attacks: 190

Viking stand 12th in the Eliteserien:

  • Total wins: 1

  • Total goals: 1

  • Total clean sheets: 1

  • Total attacks: 200

Predicted Lineups Player Stats:


  • P. Nygaard Klausen: Goalkeeper

  • C. Glenna Andersen: Defender

  • M. Ivančević: 316 mins, 187 passes, 74% accuracy

  • T. Miettinen: Defender

  • J. Baccay: Defender

  • F. Jørgensen: Midfielder

  • S. Owusu: 5 ft 9

  • T. Hammer Svendsen: 154 mins, 5 ft 7

  • B. Bang-Kittilsen: Attacker

  • M. Norø Ingebrigtsen: 5 ft 6

  • F. Tewelde: Attacker


  • P. Gunnarsson: Goalkeeper

  • V. Helland Vevatne: 6 ft

  • D. Diop: Defender

  • S. Langås: Defender

  • J. Urbančič: Defender

  • H. Tangen: Midfielder

  • J. Bell: 155 mins, 5 ft 11

  • P. Yazbek: Midfielder

  • Z. Tripić: 5 ft 11

  • L. Salvesen: 6 ft 1

  • N. D'Agostino: 5 ft 8


Date: April 28, 2024

Location: Skagerak Arena

In what promises to be an exhilarating clash between two Norwegian football giants, Viking is gearing up for their upcoming match against Odd at the iconic Skagerak Arena. With both teams looking to secure vital points and climb up the league table, fans are eagerly anticipating a thrilling encounter.

Odd currently sits in seventh place in the league standings under manager Kenneth Dokken. The team has shown glimpses of brilliance this season with one win under their belt along with two goals scored and a clean sheet earned. Their attacking prowess can also be seen through their total attacks tallying up to an impressive 190.

As they prepare for battle, Odd's predicted lineup boasts some key players who have consistently performed throughout the campaign. P. Nygaard Klausen and C. Glenna Andersen are expected to provide stability at the backline while M.Ivanevi will bring his experience from playing over 300 minutes across seven appearances alongside T.Miettinen and J.Baccay who add depth to midfield options.

Upfront, F.Jrgensen and S.Owusu will spearhead Odd's attack supported by T.Hammer Svendsen if he makes an appearance following his previous performances that saw him play for a total of 154 minutes over two games this season so far. B.Bang-Kittilsen,M.Nor Ingebrigtsen,and F.Tewelde complete the anticipated starting eleven as they aim for victory against Viking.

On the other hand,Viking finds themselves positioned twelfth on the league table led by manager Morten Jensen.The team shares similar statistics with its opponents; securing one win,having scored just one goal whilst keeping only one clean sheet.They have displayed immense determination during matches,revealed through their remarkable total attacks of 200.

As they prepare for this crucial encounter,Viking's predicted lineup includes players who have consistently showcased their skills throughout the season. P.Gunnarsson and V.Helland Vevatne will provide a solid defensive foundation, while D.Diop,S.Langs,and J.Urbani add depth to the midfield options alongside H.Tangen.

J.Bell has made an impact in his three appearances so far with a total playing time of 155 minutes, and is expected to feature prominently during the match.P.Yazbek,Z.Tripi,L.Salvesen,and N.D'Agostino are anticipated to complete Viking's starting eleven as they aim to secure victory against Odd.

With both teams possessing quality lineups and eager to improve their league positions, spectators can expect a thrilling contest at Skagerak Arena. The clash between these two football powerhouses promises excitement from start to finish as each team strives for supremacy on April 28th.