Predicted Line-Ups: Sarpsborg 08 vs Lillestrøm

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Total goals


Total clean sheets

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Total wins


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In an exciting upcoming football match set to take place on May 5, 2024, Lillestrm will be facing off against Sarpsborg 08 at the Sarpsborg Stadion. As the away team, Lillestrm will be looking to secure a victory and continue their climb up the league standings.

Predicted Line Up & Formation

Predicted Lineups:

- Ilić - Wichne - Ødegaard - Degaulle - Hiim - Andersen - Sher - Sandberg - Martinsson-Ngouali - Ørjasæter - Meister
- Christiansen - Nwokoma - Gabrielsen - Roseth - Tønnessen - Ibrahimaj - Hoff - Kitolano - Åsen - Olsen - Skogvold

Team Stats

Sarpsborg 08 stand 13th in the Eliteserien:

  • Total goals: 2

  • Total attacks: 302

Lillestrøm stand 9th in the Eliteserien:

  • Total wins: 1

  • Total goals: 4

  • Total clean sheets: 1

  • Total attacks: 258

Predicted Lineups Player Stats:

Sarpsborg 08

  • M. Ilić: Goalkeeper

  • E. Wichne: 5 ft 8

  • M. Ødegaard: 6 ft 1

  • T. Degaulle: Defender

  • A. Hiim: Defender

  • J. Andersen: 5 ft 10

  • A. Sher: Midfielder

  • N. Sandberg: 6 ft

  • S. Martinsson-Ngouali: 5 ft 8

  • S. Ørjasæter: Attacker

  • H. Meister: Attacker


  • M. Christiansen: Goalkeeper

  • U. Nwokoma: Midfielder

  • L. Gabrielsen: 6 ft 1

  • M. Roseth: 6 ft 2

  • K. Tønnessen: Defender

  • Y. Ibrahimaj: 5 ft 10

  • V. Hoff: 5 ft 11

  • E. Bugale Kitolano: 5 ft 8

  • G. Åsen: 5 ft 11

  • T. Lehne Olsen: 6 ft 1

  • H. Skogvold: Attacker


Currently sitting in 9th place in the league, Lillestrm has shown promise with one win under their belt so far this season. With a total of four goals scored and one clean sheet already achieved, they are ready to bring their attacking prowess to the field once again.

Under the guidance of manager Andreas Georgson, Lillestrm is expected to field a strong lineup for this crucial match. Players such as M. Christiansen, U. Nwokoma, and T. Lehne Olsen are anticipated to lead the charge in front of goal.

On the other side of the pitch, Sarpsborg 08 currently sits in 13th place in the league standings under manager Stefan Billborn's leadership. With two goals scored and no clean sheets yet secured this season, they will need to step up their game if they hope to compete with Lillestrm's attacking threat.

The predicted lineup for Sarpsborg includes key players such as M.Ili , E.Wichne ,and J.Andersen who will look towards turning things around for their team during this important fixture.

With both teams eager for three points from this encounter,the stage is set for an intense battle between these two sides as they strive for victory on Matchday .