Predicted Line-Ups: Kristiansund vs HamKam

Total wins


Total goals


Total clean sheets

Total attacks


Total wins

Total goals


Total clean sheets

Total attacks


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In a highly anticipated football match set to take place on May 5, 2024, HamKam will be facing off against Kristiansund in the 'Kristiansund Stadion'. As the away team, HamKam will have their work cut out for them as they look to secure a victory.

Predicted Line Up & Formation

Predicted Lineups:

- Mbaye - Haugen - Olsen - Aalberg - Rakneberg - Alte - Jarl - Isaksen - Nyenetue - Guèye - Sivertsen
- Nilsson - Bjarnason - Mares - Rogers - Simenstad - Sørås - Kurtović - Kjærgaard - Kongsro - Udahl - Mawa

Team Stats

Kristiansund stand 7th in the Eliteserien:

  • Total wins: 1

  • Total goals: 4

  • Total attacks: 189

HamKam stand 14th in the Eliteserien:

  • Total goals: 1

  • Total attacks: 213

Predicted Lineups Player Stats:


  • S. Mbaye: Goalkeeper

  • H. Haugen: Attacker

  • M. Berntsen Olsen: 6 ft 2

  • I. Aalberg: Defender

  • M. Rakneberg: Midfielder

  • R. Kristensen Alte: Midfielder

  • S. Jarl: 6 ft 1

  • J. Isaksen: 6 ft

  • F. Nyenetue: Attacker

  • P. Guèye: 5 ft 10

  • O. Sivertsen: Attacker


  • Alexander Nilsson

  • B. Bjarnason: Defender

  • L. Mares: Defender

  • S. Rogers: 6 ft 3

  • G. Simenstad: Midfielder

  • T. Sørås: 6 ft 2

  • W. Kurtović: 6 ft 2

  • O. Kjærgaard: 6 ft

  • V. Kongsro: Defender

  • H. Udahl: 6 ft

  • M. Mawa: 5 ft 11


Currently sitting at 14th place in the league standings, HamKam's manager Jakob Michelsen will need his players to step up and deliver a strong performance. With only one goal scored so far this season and a total of 213 attacks made by the team, there is room for improvement as they face off against Kristiansund.

The predicted line up for HamKam includes key players such as Alexander Nilsson, B. Bjarnason, and M. Mawa who will be crucial in leading the team to success on the field. With their attacking prowess and defensive capabilities being put to test against Kristiansund's solid lineup.

On the other hand, Kristiansund currently sits at 7th place in the league with manager Amund Robertsen Skiri leading his team towards another victory. With stats showing one win under their belt along with four goals scored and an impressive total of 189 attacks made by the team so far this season.

With players like S. Mbaye,H.Haugen,M.Berntsen Olsen,R.Kristensen Alte,F.Nyenetue,P.Guye,O.Sivertsen looking promising based on previous performances,the home side has shown that they are not ones to underestimate

As both teams gear up for what promises to be an exciting match-up,it remains uncertain which side will emerge victorious.However,fans can expect nothing short of intense action when these two sides clash at 'Kristiansud Stadion' next month!