Predicted Line-Ups: Sagan Tosu vs Tokyo Verdy

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Total wins


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In an exciting upcoming football match on May 3, 2024, Tokyo Verdy will be facing off against Sagan Tosu. With both teams eager to secure a victory and climb up the league table, fans can expect a thrilling encounter.

Predicted Line Up & Formation

Predicted Lineups:

- Rodriguez - Araújo - Yokoyama - Fujita  - Hino - Maruhashi - Kabayama - Park - Ueebisu - Yamazaki - Tae-Hyeon
- Fukazawa - Saito - Yamami - Nagasawa - Tsunashima - Yamada - Matsuhashi - Vidotto - Onaga - Hayashi - Chida

Team Stats

Sagan Tosu stand 18th in the J-League Cup:

  • Total wins: 1

  • Total goals: 6

  • Total clean sheets: 1

  • Total attacks: 478

Tokyo Verdy stand 15th in the J-League Cup:

  • Total wins: 1

  • Total goals: 9

  • Total attacks: 553

Predicted Lineups Player Stats:

Sagan Tosu

  • Arnau Riera Rodriguez

  • Vinícius Araújo

  • A. Yokoyama: 5 ft 6

  • Naoyuki Fujita 

  • Shota Hino

  • Yusuke Maruhashi

  • Ryonosuke Kabayama

  • Il-gyu Park

  • Katsunori Ueebisu

  • Kosuke Yamazaki

  • Kim Tae-Hyeon

  • Taichi Kikuchi

  • So Kawahara

  • Kohei Tezuka

  • Cayman Togashi

  • Yuki Horigome

  • Yoichi Naganuma

  • Marcelo Ryan

Tokyo Verdy

  • D. Fukazawa

  • K. Saito

  • H. Yamami

  • Y. Nagasawa

  • Y. Tsunashima

  • Y. Yamada

  • Y. Matsuhashi

  • Matheus Vidotto

  • H. Onaga

  • N. Hayashi

  • K. Chida

  • Y. Hakamata

  • T. Miki

  • T. Inami

  • K. Morita

  • Tiago Alves

  • I. Someno

  • Y. Kimura


Tokyo Verdy, currently sitting in 15th place in the league standings under manager Hiroshi Jofuku, have shown promise with their attacking prowess. The team has recorded one win so far this season and scored a total of nine goals. With a strong lineup featuring players like D. Fukazawa and Y. Nagasawa leading the charge upfront, Tokyo Verdy will be looking to capitalize on their attacking opportunities.

On the other hand, Sagan Tosu finds themselves at the bottom of the table in 18th place under manager Kenta Kawai. Despite only securing one win this season and scoring six goals overall, they have managed to keep one clean sheet showcasing defensive resilience when needed most.

The predicted lineups for both teams include key players who will play crucial roles in determining the outcome of this highly anticipated match-up. For Sagan Tosu; Arnau Riera Rodriguez,Vincius Arajo,A.Yokoyama ,Naoyuki Fujita Shota Hino,Yusuke Maruhashi,Ryonosuke Kabayama,Ilgyu Park,Katsunori Ueebisu,Kosuke Yamazaki Kim Tae-Hyeon,Taichi Kikuchi are expected to take part.For Tokyo verdy ;D.Fukazawa,K.Saito,H.Yamami,Y.Nagaswa,Y.Tsunashima,

Y.Yamada ,Y.Matsuhasi,M.Vidotto,H.Onaga,N.Hayashi


Tiago Alves I.Someno,and Y.Kimura are set to showcase their skills on game day.

With stats favoring an evenly matched contest between these two sides,it promises plenty of excitement for football enthusiasts as they eagerly await kick-off time!