Cook: Hopefully We'll Soon See Luke Back on a Football Pitch Smiling

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Cook: Hopefully We’ll Soon See Luke Back on a Football Pitch Smiling

Monday, 12th Apr 2021 12:35

Blues boss Paul Cook says hes pleased that Town loan winger Luke Thomas has sought help regarding his mental health, the 23-year-old having revealed that he had taken some time away from the game on social media at the end of last week.

Thomas, 22, who was due to stay with the Blues for the rest of the season from parent club Barnsley, said he needed a break from football for the sake of his mental and physical health.

Im absolutely delighted for Luke that hes gone and sought help, Cook said. Today, when people are out there suffering, and we all know there are a lot of people, [theres a] lot of good work that people do now with helplines and availability for people to speak about problems.

Weve seen in the football world with a couple of young men taking their own lives, its so sad, leaving families and kids behind.

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Its something that none of us wants, but its out there and weve all got to do as much as we can to make sure were offering avenues of help and support.

Luke Thomas came down here as a young footballer and for our fans and ourselves, he was carrying our hopes.

But you cant carry peoples hopes when youre carrying burdens in your own lives and Im absolutely delighted for Luke now that going forward, hopefully soon, well all see Luke Thomas on a football pitch smiling and playing football.

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Suffolkboy added 12:45 – Apr 12

Ward left looking for a new club again

Exactly the right comments and sentiments : says yet more about what a decent upright man weve got as a Manager .


bluesteal74 added 12:56 – Apr 12

Get well soon Luke and well said Paul cook 3

dirtydingusmagee added 13:10 – Apr 12

Ipswich Town v Fleetwood Town: Farewell to Luke Chambers? - East Anglian Daily Times

Great to hear this support from PC, AND believe me these things make a difference ive been there. Sir Bobby would be putting a thumb up thats for sure.Hopefully Luke will get all the help he needs and be chipper again soon . GOOD LUCK SPEEDY RECOVERY . 3

Swailsey added 13:14 – Apr 12

Best wishes Luke. 1


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