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The football formation the manager selects is perhaps the most important pre-match decision of a football manager. It sets the shape of the football team. The football formation reflects the teams style of play and confidence. This is your chance to create the best formation for your club with an easy to use football formation creator tool.

New - When picking a player you can choose if it is an existing team player or a transfer target. Transfer targets then show in bold and you can estimate the transfer fee. This means you can showcase your best starting 11 with transfer targets and an idea of how much this team selection would cost. Try our new football formation maker free.

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  • 4-4-2

  • 4-4-2 Diamond

  • 4-3-3

  • 4-4-1-1

  • 4-5-1

  • 3-4-3

  • 3-5-2

  • 5-3-2 Wingbacks

  • 4-2-3-1

  • 5-a-side

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    South Africa South Africa Formation - Created by TebogoMolobedi
    South Africa Formation
    Created 3 wks


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    Football formation created By Habteab Mezgebe
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  • Arsenal Arsenal
    Football formation created By Pacifique Karangwa
    Created 4 months
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  • Football Football
    Football formation created By Jokerionel
    Created 4 months
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Football formations tips and types explained

  • 442

    - This formation is the most popular formation type around the world. It is a safe and standard formation for football managers to use and apply, providing good player coverage all over the football pitch.
  • 442 Diamond

    - It is a very similar formation type to 442, but slightly less flat across the midfield, with a diamond shape bring the 4 midfielders slightly closer together with one of the central midfielders playing further back, and the other further forward.
  • 433

    - When a football team has a strong attack then this formation can accommodate, however, this usually means 2 of the front 3 play slightly deeper providing cover for their full backs. Faster players are best suited for these positions.
  • 4411

    - This is another very popular formation type, with most managers choosing a 442 formation, in practise playing with this formation. This happens when the second striker is playing behind the main striker. The supporting striker is usually a player who is better in the air and can hold up the ball, whilst the main striker is the best finisher.
  • 451

    - Teams often use this formation when playing tougher opposition, to provide better protection in midfield. It also means the striker is left with little support.
  • 343

    - A less popular formation but still used. The 3 defenders are expected to cover more space, but however also expect support from their midfield.
  • 352

    - The wing backs are key to this formation, without fast and organised wing back teams playing this formation will struggle to keep up with the required structure this formation requires.
  • 4231

    - An exciting formation with 3 attacking midfielders operating behind the main striker. 2 holding midfielders provide cover, however, especially the 2 attacking midfielders on the wings are expected to track back and support the full backs as required.

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