AVB sacked after embarrassing losses!


Tottenham Hotspur

Andre Villas Boas is quite an interesting guy.

  • The Portuguese doesn’t shy away from expressing his real emotions. Tired of the recent criticism after the 6-0 loss to Manchester City, AVB stood up against the media after his side’s victory over Manchester United.


    In the post match interview, he said, "A couple of people insult my integrity, my human values, my professionalism … insult the success that I have achieved in other clubs and I don't think it's fair. I think it's a lack of respect and an attack on a person's integrity."

    "You can easily compare situations," Villas-Boas said. "We have sat above Man City before and above Man United before and we haven't seen any kind of these personal attacks to somebody, so I think that is unfair. It's something that obviously comes with the 6-0 thrashing but more important is the team and the response and I think the players did that in great, great fashion."


    But, yet again, Spurs gave in against the mighty Merseyside giants. Led by Luis Suarez,

    Liverpool now seem to be genuine title contenders and proved that in a 5-0 away win at the

    White Hart Lane. It looked really ugly for AVB’s team when in the last minutes, their supporters started leaving and the stadium echoed with ‘You’ll never walk alone’. Liverpool, under Brendan Rodgers, look rejuvenated and currently stand at the 2nd spot, 2 points behind the league leaders Arsenal.


    Although, they splashed a lot of cash in the summer transfer window, they seem unable to

    cope up with the departure of Gareth Bale. But, Bale looks quite comfortable with his new life in Madrid. On the other hand, Tottenham’s new signings have not done enough justice to the price paid for them. All the ‘could be potential good signings’ are now just shadows of what they were at their previous clubs. Last year, Bale carried the whole team on his shoulders and it is quite evident that the team is missing him.


    AVB looked pale during the match against Liverpool, but in fact, Suarez at the moment is

    incredibly phenomenal and can give nightmares to any good coach in the world.


    On 16th December, 2013 Tottenham and AVB parted ways in the aftermath of the insulting

    match. Until the start of the Premier League this season, no one suspected this to happen. It will be quite interesting to see who would take his position and would it be possible to revive the troubled London outfit.

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