Continuity through change at Manchester United


Manchester United

26 years, 13 Premier League titles, 2 Champions League, 5 FA Cups and gazillion of other trophies mark the reign of Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford.

  • Now the Scot has stepped down from his throne and has passed on the torch to his compatriot, David Moyes, a man who has a very meagre record of trophies. This transition will be a big chapter in the history of Manchester United and also the Premier League. Fergie has been an inspiration for millions of fans all around the world and his departure from Manchester United has left many heart-broken.


     David Moyes, indeed has very big shoes to fill and the air of expectation around him is to prove his worth right from the very first match. All eyes and paparazzi will be focusing on each and every step of the 50-year-old Scotsman as he is now appointed the manager of the most famous football club in the world. Moyes has come a long way from Goodison Park, a stadium with a capacity of 40,000, to Old Trafford which is always packed with approx 75,000 fans. The pressure will be intense and he would be given a hard time, if the Red Devils don’t keep their winning shoes on.


     In his 11 years at Everton, David Moyes had maintained a consistency level of performing average in the league, which is quite commendable given the low budget of the Merseyside club. In the last two seasons, Everton finished above Liverpool, their fiercest rivals and also the 18-time English Champions. Quite impressive isn’t it for a club with such a low budget to outdo one of the biggest clubs in the world? Not just that David’s former club had beaten Fergie’s side quite a few times in the league.


    Though, David Moyes, has proved his mettle at Everton, he will have a fresh set of challenges at his new club. Although, the Scot has ample experience and the guiding hand of Sir Alex is over his shoulder, he will have to deal with his experienced players and gain their trust. Brian Clough, one of the greatest managers in the history of English football failed at Leeds United, the-then a huge club. He was detested by his own players because of which the team suffered and he was finally sacked. Every United fan must pray that this situation does not happen at Old Trafford. The first thing, Moyes will have to deal with will be Rooney’s situation. Wayne Rooney is the heart and soul of Man United and dealing with him will be a major dilemma for him because of the past battle of words between the two.

    David Moyes can be hugely successful at Old Trafford and win a galore of trophies as he will have a bigger budget to buy better players. He will also have Manchester United Academy players to choose from, unlike at Everton FC.

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