The Impact that Mourinho will have



Jose Mourinho is back to the club which he calls his ‘First Love’.

  • Jose Mourinho is back in the world’s most competitive league, the Premier League. Chelsea has been a troubled entity since Jose Mourinho was sacked by the owner Roman Abrahimovic in September 2007. The club has seen a fair share of trophies but there is no what-so-ever consistency at Stamford Bridge.


    Since Mourinho’s departure to Intermilan, there have been 8 different managers and each has had his own set of philosophies and methods implied at the club. It has been a tumultuous era for the club, in which the coaching staff was afraid of being sacked overnight. Roman Abrahimovic has already proved he is not a very patient man, hasn’t he?

    But things might change now. When Mourinho joined Chelsea from Porto he had to prove his mettle to the owner, fans and the players. But now when he will arrive at Stamford Bridge he would be welcomed as one of the best managers in the world with proven stats in his CV. ‘Come back home’ banners by the fans in such numbers depict the huge and warm welcome the ex-Madrid coach will receive in the first home game. This spell of Mourinho would define his greatness. Jose has his own way of doing things, which might please some and to some he can be portrayed as an arrogant, egoistic guy. But Mourinho’s devil may care attitude is responsible for him reaching the zenith. He is not afraid of saying or doing anything, he does what he thinks is right.


    The Portuguese manager is well loved by the Chelsea fans and will have no problem in that department which the interim coach Rafa Benitez had to face. The players would also have no problem in instilling their trust in the ‘Special One’.


    Chelsea’s roster is one of the finest in the world and if everything goes well, they could be challenging for all the trophies in the world’s club football. The 50-year-old is more than capable of getting the best out of his players. Hazard, Mata, Oscar, Lampard would be his key players and would keep the blue flag flying high. Jose Mourinho is a winner and he might not win immediately but he would win definitely.

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