Spending vs FFF



Investing in the academy its now the most ideal method to counter the UEFA financial fair play.

  • I think it will be very painful if one day we wake up and hear that our beloved Chelsea fc have been banned from UEFA competition because they failed to meet the FFF guidelines. Over the years we have bought-in or developed some amazing talent in our youth system but the most painful part we have not been able to bring them in our first team. As the transfer window is about to open i think it will be very clever to take a look at some of our youth players who are loaned all over europe and try to give them a chance to prove themselve with the first team. These are some of the players whom i think are ready for a place in the first team: Kevin de Bruyne, Patrick van aan holt, Josh McEachran, Tomas Kalas and Romelu Lukaku. As we all know that its almost certain that Sturridge will be leaving we should replace him with Lukaku n buy one proven CF (Ba, Falcao or Lewandowski). Ferreira is cathing-up with age , so Tomas Kalas will be a good replacement in that position. As we have heard rumours about Cole leaving very soon , i think aan Holt must come in as a backup to Bertrand whom i already see as the future world best left-back. In my opinion we only need to buy 1 player this transfer window that will be Falcao. Tell me what you think??

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