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Blackburn Rovers

Indian owner Venky’s have attracted nothing but criticism since taking over the club in November 2010.

  • It is being said that the new owners are better at firing than hiring. In a 3 year period, the Lancashire based club has seen the sacking of 4 managers, the first one being Sam Allardyce. Also, in the process, Henning Berg became the shortest serving manager in the club’s history (57 days), followed Michael Appleton who took charge at Ewood Park for just 67 days.

    The performance of the team degraded after a sudden change was brought in the management of the club. After being in the Premier League for 11 years, Rovers were relegated to the Championship in May 2012. It didn’t stop there. Yet again, Blackburn fans had to see their team fight in the relegation zone of the Championship. To their reprise they didn’t earn a successive relegation in their 12-13 campaign as they finished 17th with 58 points.

    Once a formidable force in the early nineties, Blackburn are lately unstable and are struggling under the new ownership, which promised the influx of big names such as Ronaldinho and Beckham. Even former Real Madrid and Blackburn player, Michel Salgado described the demise of his old club under Venky’s as ‘crazy and outrageous’.

    In an interview Salgado explained the turn of events since Venky’s took over. He said, “Blackburn’s situation really saddens me. I loved my time at Blackburn, apart from the last six months which had nothing to do with me or football. To be honest, when they first arrived at Blackburn it was really exciting times.”


    He added, “All they spoke about was developing something really good for the future of the club. But everything changed in the space of two months. There were so many players in and out, the manager was replaced and so many strange things began to happen at the club.”


    Blackburn was one of the most stable clubs in the country and the fans are now truly unhappy with the self-inflicted crisis in the shape of Indian owners Venky’s. Gary Bowyer brought on some stability or the club would have been relegated of the Championship in 2012-13 season.


    It would be wise that the new owners and the club, which has acquired huge losses, give some time to the manager and take decisions that are better from a football point of view rather than a business point of view. Blackburn Rovers are a sinking ship, yet they are now showing signs to get back to the top 6 of the Championship table.

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