Are You a Fantasy Football Addict?


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  Fantasy football isn't simply a game.


    Fantasy football isn't simply a game. It's a way of life. Winning your fantasy football league determines your success in life. NFL coaches strive to bring home the Lombardi Trophy and you do everything in your power to win the fantasy football league.

    If you think like that, then you might be a little addicted to fantasy football. People tend to go overboard with playing fantasy. They become a tad too obsessed with success. Their addiction to fantasy football rules their life when the NFL season begins.

    Fantasy football sucks people in and dictates their daily life. It can be a good addiction if you win or bad if you constantly fail to make the playoffs!

    Here are four signs that point to fantasy football addiction.

    1. You Check Free Agency Constantly

    Some of the best fantasy football play occurs in free agency. You have to watch the waiver wires, add/drop moves, and stats of unknown players still in free agency. This awareness will give you an advantage in picking up possible stars for the 2013 season. But what is too much?

    Checking your fantasy football league home page more than five times a day is obsessive. If you scan free agency stats, player bios, and read constant player updates for more than 30 minutes a day, then you're a fantasy football addict.

    2. You're Over Prepared on Draft Day

    On days leading up to your fantasy football draft day you shouldn't be spending countless hours planning and researching potential draft picks. You shouldn't waste time creating an extensive draft strategy. Playing fantasy football isn't that complicated.

    If you show up on draft day with files detailing a complicated draft strategy, then you may be an addict. At least if you did the crazy research, hide your addiction from other fellow owners. Rely on fantasy football rankings instead for the live draft. That's all the information you'll need.

    3. You Lose Sleep

    If you lose sleep over fantasy football, then there's something wrong with you. You shouldn't wake up in the middle of the night to see if your free agency claim went through.

    Your wife shouldn't find you hovered over a computer piecing together potential trades. Fantasy football is a hobby and a game. It is not a major component of your life. If you lose sleep, then perhaps it's time to reevaluate your love for fantasy football.

    4. You Spend Too Much Time on Your Computer

    The amount of time you spend playing fantasy football doesn't always determine your success. A large part of winning in fantasy is mere luck.

    If there's always a fantasy football tab open on your computer at work, home, or on your cell phone, then you have a problem. It's one thing to have a fantasy football app showing you the updated scores on Sunday.

    If you want to talk about fantasy football with your friends then do it at the bar instead of an online league chat board. Remember, it's better to hide your fantasy addiction. Try to mask it as enthusiasm.

    Does it matter if you're addicted to fantasy football? No. Who cares? Fantasy football presents an escape from the boring nature of work for most people.

    There's nothing wrong with having a hobby that you really care about. Plus, you should want to do everything possible to win and gain bragging rights over your friends.

    Ted Levin is a freelance journalist and editor currently researching ways to improve his fantasy football league. You can connect with him on Twitter and Google+.

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