It's a do-or-die for Arsene Wenger this season



With all the three major clubs in England going through a change of management staff, this could be Arsenal’s year.

  • It’s now-or-never for Arsene Wenger. The Frenchman could be shown the way out of the club, if he doesn’t deliver a trophy this season. Since Arsenal last won a trophy… 31 English teams have won domestic titles, the technology has skipped a generation, members of the 2005 Arsenal team have won 53 trophies elsewhere, Chelsea has had 10 different managers, Messi has won Ballon d’Or 4 times and finally the world population has gone up by 7.2%.


    Arsenal, since 2005, has bought 49 players and has sold 79 including their former skipper Robin van Persie to their fierce rivals Manchester United. The astonishing fact is that most of the outgoing players have won trophies with their new employers. Is Arsenal FC cursed or Wenger’s approaches have become outdated?


    The North Londoners have a very strong squad with a lot of depth and some very talented world class players. AVB’s Tottenham is at an arm’s length from them and if Wenger’s men flunk this time, Spurs can knock them of the first-four, snatching even the Champions League spot, their only reprise each season since 2005.


    Arsene Wenger needs to blend the experienced players and young talents just the right amount to get back to the winning ways. And induction of a world class player would definitely boost the morale of his players. Fans are just on a brink of retaliation against the manager, who have formed a consensus that Arsene has now lost it and should be sacked for the betterment of the club.


    The 63-year-old Arsenal gaffer should clear up his mind and change his frustrated figure to give confidence to his squad members which would allow them to play without pressure.

    Winning a trophy in Europe is far from being a possibility for Arsenal, only a miracle could make it happen. If Arsene Wenger could connect all the dots and concentrates more on the domestic trophies they could have their share of glory. 

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