Football can combat obesity



Football can have significant health benefits, whilst being fun.

  • We are seeing the world get fatter with Football being an ideal way to combat this issue.  As football combines periods of sprinting as well as slower movements it makes the heart work harder to help control body fat.  By speeding up and slowing down the body it does not have time to find its comfort zone, forcing the body to adapt and in turn burn more calories. The excitement of the game means that people don’t notice the good workout that is being achieved. This will stop boredom which is one of the most common reasons for not exercising. 


    Obesity rates are increasing particular fast in children due to change in the environment as genes cannot change this quickly.  Junk food is easily readily available with a wide variation to choose from.  People are also exercising less due to the change in the nature of jobs, furthermore with the advancement in technology children are more interested in computer games rather than going outside to play.


    Football is great for releasing endorphins which help in improving moods; this means it can help alleviate issues such as depression and anxiety, as it provides an escape from the stresses and strains of life. As football is game played with others, it can also promote social interaction and confidence. Football can unite people from different backgrounds and cultures and for children can teach discipline in a fun environment. 

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