Sunderland boss predicts Sheffield Wednesday game
Source: Thestar
  • Wednesday only need a point to secure Championship spot next season
  • 'Dodds doesn't believe Rohl will wait on other results for great escape'
  • 'Sunderland boss expects visitors to be reserved but exciting'
"Sunderland boss, Dodds, has made predictions ahead of the upcoming game against Sheffield Wednesday. The Owls are in a good position needing just one point to secure their spot in the Championship for next season. Despite this, Dodds doesn't think their manager, Rohl, will rely on other results and believes they'll aim for a win. Dodds also shared his thoughts on how he expects the visitors to approach the fixture. He mentioned that he spoke with his players about giving fans a positive end to the season by offering them a win going into summer. He emphasized that Sheffield Wednesday should try and get a result rather than relying on other outcomes. In terms of gameplay expectations, Dodds predicted that Sheffield Wednesday may start off reserved but as the game progresses it could become more exciting compared to previous matches. Overall, there is anticipation building up towards what could potentially be an intense and thrilling encounter between Sunderland and Sheffield Wednesday."