Predicted Line-Ups: PAOK vs Dinamo Zagreb

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Total wins


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In an exciting upcoming football match set to take place on March 14, 2024, PAOK will be facing off against Dinamo Zagreb. As we look at the predicted line-ups and team statistics, let's delve into what this clash has in store from a Dinamo Zagreb perspective.

Predicted Line Up & Formation

Predicted Lineups:

6.9 Kotarski 6.4 Jonny 6.8 Kędziora 7.2 Koulierakis 6.9 Baba 7.3 Meïté 7.6 Živković 7 Konstantelias 7.4 Freda 7.3 Despodov 6.9 Llamas
- Nevistić 7.3 Ristovski - Bernauer - Théophile-Catherine - Perković - Mišić - Sučić - Špikić 7.3 Baturina - Vidović 7.5 Petković

Team Stats

PAOK stand 1st in the Europa Conference League:

  • Total wins: 1

  • Total goals: 4

  • Total clean sheets: 1

  • Total attacks: 140

Dinamo Zagreb stand 2nd in the Europa Conference League:

  • Total wins: 3

  • Total goals: 10

  • Total clean sheets: 2

  • Total attacks: 747

Predicted Lineups Player Stats:


  • D. Kotarski: Goalkeeper

  • Jonny: 102 mins, 69 passes, 80% accuracy, 5 ft 8

  • T. Kędziora: 915 mins, 1 goal, 315 passes, 84% accuracy, 6 ft

  • K. Koulierakis: 1034 mins, 3 goals, 1 assist, 511 passes, 83% accuracy

  • A. Baba: 941 mins, 1 goal, 1 assist, 257 passes, 84% accuracy, 5 ft 10

  • S. Meïté: 437 mins, 1 assist, 247 passes, 84% accuracy, 6 ft 1

  • A. Živković: 1031 mins, 6 goals, 2 assists, 246 passes, 78% accuracy, 5 ft 6

  • I. Konstantelias: 871 mins, 3 goals, 1 assist, 201 passes, 79% accuracy

  • T. Barcellos Freda: 939 mins, 3 goals, 3 assists, 367 passes, 83% accuracy, 5 ft 7

  • K. Despodov: 346 mins, 2 goals, 3 assists, 100 passes, 80% accuracy

  • B. Thomas Llamas: 758 mins, 4 goals, 4 assists, 124 passes, 80% accuracy, 5 ft 8

Dinamo Zagreb

  • Ivan Nevistić

  • S. Ristovski: 1525 mins, 1 assist, 852 passes, 85% accuracy, 5 ft 10

  • Maxime Bernauer

  • Kévin Théophile-Catherine

  • Mauro Perković

  • Josip Mišić

  • Petar Sučić

  • Dario Špikić

  • M. Baturina: 1824 mins, 4 goals, 2 assists, 965 passes, 86% accuracy

  • Gabriel Vidović

  • B. Petković: 1521 mins, 9 goals, 4 assists, 511 passes, 67% accuracy, 6 ft 3


Heading into the match, PAOK holds the top spot in their league with impressive performances under the guidance of manager Rzvan Lucescu. Their team stats reveal that they have secured two wins so far while scoring a total of ten goals. Additionally, they have managed to keep one clean sheet and launch an astonishing 372 attacks throughout their campaign.

Turning our attention towards the predicted line-up for PAOK:

- D. Kotarski is expected to guard their goalpost.

- Jonny may make an appearance for four minutes during this game as he adds another cap to his record.

- T. Kdziora is likely to feature in defense alongside K.Koulierakis and A.Baba.

- S.Met could also play a vital role after accumulating significant playing time (835 minutes) across fourteen appearances along with contributing one goal.

- I.Konstantelias and A.Zivkovi are anticipated midfielders who can provide crucial support during attacking plays.

-T.Barcellos Freda boasts remarkable passing accuracy (84%) out of his total passes (668), making him a key player for creating opportunities upfront alongside K.Despodov who has scored three goals already this season

-B.Thomas Llamas has proven himself as a reliable scorer with five goals and two assists so far; therefore he is someone that needs close monitoring by Dinamo Zagreb defenders.

On the other hand, Dinamo Zagreb enters this contest placed second in their league standings under manager Sergej Jakirovi's leadership. The team's overall performance indicates great success with ten victories recorded, scoring a remarkable 31 goals while keeping seven clean sheets. Their attacking prowess is evident from their total of 2219 attacks.

Now let's take a look at the predicted line-up for Dinamo Zagreb:

- Ivan Nevisti will likely be guarding the goalpost.

- S.Ristovski and Maxime Bernauer are expected to form part of the defensive line alongside Kvin Thophile-Catherine and Mauro Perkovi.

- In midfield, Josip Mii and Petar Sui are anticipated to contribute significantly with Dario piki providing additional support.

-M.Baturina can pose as an offensive threat in combination with Gabriel Vidovi who has showcased his skills throughout this season so far

-B.Petkovi is someone that PAOK defenders should keep close tabs on given his impressive performances leading up to this match.

With both teams showcasing formidable talent and strong statistics, football fans can anticipate an exhilarating clash between PAOK and Dinamo Zagreb. As they battle it out on March 14th, only time will tell which team emerges victorious in this highly anticipated encounter.