Predicted Line-Ups: Vitória SC vs Boavista

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Total wins


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Title: Vitria SC Gears Up for Clash Against Boavista at Estdio Dom Afonso Henriques

Predicted Line Up & Formation

Predicted Lineups:

- Varela - Ribeiro - Borevković - Silva - Magalhães - André - Händel - Silva - Freitas - Benavides - Lima
- Gonçalves - Malheiro - Awaziem - Barros - Onyemaechi - Makouta - Vukotić - Lourenço - Reisinho - Agra - Tavares

Team Stats

Vitória SC stand 5th in the Liga Portugal:

  • Total wins: 9

  • Total goals: 26

  • Total clean sheets: 5

  • Total attacks: 1714

Boavista stand 13th in the Liga Portugal:

  • Total wins: 4

  • Total goals: 22

  • Total attacks: 1440

Predicted Lineups Player Stats:

Vitória SC

  • B. Semedo Varela: Goalkeeper

  • T. Machado Ribeiro: 316 mins, 2 goals

  • T. Borevković: 180 mins, 6 ft 3

  • M. Silva: 180 mins

  • M. Gomes Ferreira Magalhães: 275 mins, 1 goal, 5 ft 8

  • A. Bras André: 5 ft 8

  • T. Pereira Santos Händel: 273 mins, 1 goal, 2 assists, 5 ft 10

  • T. Silva: 188 mins, 2 goals, 5 ft 6

  • A. Abreu de Freitas: 8 mins

  • A. Butzke Benavides: 60 mins

  • K. Andrade Lima: Attacker


  • João Gonçalves

  • Pedro Malheiro

  • C. Collins Awaziem: 6 ft 2

  • R. Abascal Barros: 1080 mins, 6 ft 1

  • S. Bruno Onyemaechi: 5 ft 10

  • G. Makouta: 5 ft 10

  • I. Vukotić: Midfielder

  • Bruno Lourenço

  • Miguel Reisinho

  • Salvador Agra

  • Martim Tavares


In what promises to be an exhilarating showdown, Vitria SC is set to take on Boavista in a highly anticipated football match scheduled for April 27th, 2024. With both teams eyeing victory, the home team aims to secure three crucial points and maintain their strong position in the league.

Currently sitting comfortably at fifth place in the league standings, Vitria SC under the guidance of manager lvaro Adriano Teixeira Pacheco has been enjoying a successful season so far. The team's impressive stats speak volumes about their capabilities - having secured 22 wins throughout the campaign while netting a total of 50 goals. Their defensive prowess cannot be overlooked either as they have managed an outstanding clean sheet record of 20.

Heading into this fixture with great confidence and determination, Vitria SC will heavily rely on key players who have consistently delivered exceptional performances throughout the season. Leading from up front will be B. Semedo Varela whose attacking prowess has proven invaluable to his side's success thus far.

Additionally, T. Machado Ribeiro looks set to feature prominently after accumulating valuable minutes on the field (316) across four appearances which resulted in two well-deserved goals being scored by him during those games.

Defensively solidifying their lineup are T.Borevkovi and M.Silva who have showcased immense skill and commitment despite limited playing time with only two appearances each but making every minute count when called upon.

Midfielder M.Gomes Ferreira Magalhes also brings added firepower as he contributed one goal out of his four appearances totaling up to an impressive tally over recent fixtures.

Assisting attacks from midfield is playmaker T.Pereira Santos Hndel who not only boasts considerable minutes played (273) but has also registered a goal and two assists, showcasing his ability to create opportunities for his teammates.

T.Silva has proven himself as a lethal threat in front of the net with two goals already this season. Alongside him, A.Abreu de Freitas and A.Butzke Benavides will be looking to make an impact off the bench when called upon.

Completing their lineup is K.Andrade Lima who will spearhead Vitria SC's attack against Boavista, aiming to add more goals to their impressive tally so far this campaign.

On the other side of the pitch stands Boavista under manager Antnio Jorge Rocha Simo. Positioned at 13th place in the league standings, they have recorded three wins while scoring 13 goals throughout the season. With just two clean sheets from their defensive efforts and fewer attacking chances created (1244 attacks), Boavista faces an uphill battle against a formidable opponent like Vitria SC.

Midfielders G.Makouta and I.Vukoti are expected to contribute significantly by controlling possession while Bruno Loureno looks set to provide stability in defense for his team.

Leading from up front is Salvador Agra whose speed and agility can pose serious threats if given space by opposition defenders. Youngster Martim Tavares could prove pivotal if given playing time during crucial stages of this encounter between these fierce rivals.

As anticipation builds towards kickoff day, football enthusiasts eagerly await what promises to be an enthralling match-up between these talented teams vying for victory on April 27th at Estdio Dom Afonso Henriques.