Predicted Line-Ups: Internacional vs Bahia

Total wins

Total goals

Total clean sheets

Total attacks

Total wins

Total goals

Total clean sheets

Total attacks

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Bahia Set to Face Internacional in Exciting Football Match

Predicted Line Up & Formation

Predicted Lineups:

- Álvarez - Bustos - Vitão - Mercado - Sørenes - Morales - Maia - Aránguiz - Wanderson - Alario - Amaury
- Felipe - Arias - Kanuric - Cuesta - Rezende - Ribeiro - Alexandre - Lucas - Cauly - Thaciano - Juba

Team Stats

Internacional stand 7th in the Serie A:

Bahia stand 3rd in the Serie A:

Predicted Lineups Player Stats:


  • S. Rochet Álvarez: Goalkeeper

  • Fabricio Bustos

  • Vitão

  • Gabriel Mercado

  • Renê

  • Maurício

  • Thiago Maia

  • Charles Aránguiz

  • Wanderson

  • L. Alario: 6 ft

  • R. Borré Amaury: 5 ft 8

Missing Players:

  • Dalbert Henrique
  • C. Aránguiz


  • Marcos Felipe

  • S. Arias

  • Kanu

  • V. Cuesta

  • Rezende

  • É. de Barros Ribeiro: 11 mins, 5 ft 10

  • Caio Alexandre

  • Jean Lucas

  • Cauly

  • Thaciano

  • Luciano Juba


April 13, 2024 - Bahia fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming football match against Internacional, set to take place at the renowned Estdio Beira-Rio. As both teams gear up for this thrilling encounter, let's take a closer look at their predicted lineups and team statistics.

Internacional currently sits comfortably in seventh position on the league table under the guidance of manager Eduardo Germn Coudet. With an impressive total of 20 wins and 61 goals scored throughout the season so far, they have also managed to keep clean sheets on fifteen occasions. Their attacking prowess is evident from their total number of attacks which stands at an astounding figure of 4184.

However, it seems that Internacional will be missing two key players for this crucial clash. Dalbert Henrique and Charles Arnguiz are both expected to sit out due to injuries or other reasons yet unknown by our sources.

The predicted lineup for Internacional includes S. Rochet lvarez guarding their goalposts alongside defenders Fabricio Bustos, Vito, Gabriel Mercado, and Ren forming a solid defensive wall. In midfield action will be Maurcio Thiago Maia along with Wanderson supporting them as creative forces in attack while Lautaro Alario partners with Rafa Borr Amaury upfront hoping to cause trouble for Bahia's defense.

On the other side of things lies Bahia who currently holds third place in the league standings under manager Rogrio Mcke Ceni's leadership. They have recorded twelve victories so far while scoring a commendable tally of forty-eight goals throughout various matches played during this season.

Bahia has demonstrated resilience defensively too by keeping seven clean sheets thus far but may face some challenges against Internacionals' strong offensive unit given their opponents' exceptional attacking record comprising over four thousand attacks launched already!

In the predicted lineup for Bahia, Marcos Felipe will be stationed as their goalkeeper while S. Arias, Kanu, V. Cuesta, and Rezende form a formidable defensive line to ward off Internacional's attacking threats. In midfield action will be . de Barros Ribeiro alongside Caio Alexandre and Jean Lucas providing support in both attack and defense with Thaciano partnering up front along with Luciano Juba.

With such promising lineups on display from both teams, football enthusiasts can expect an exhilarating match filled with intense competition at Estdio Beira-Rio on April 13th.

As fans eagerly await kickoff time for this highly anticipated clash between Bahia and Internacional, it remains to be seen which team will emerge victorious in what promises to be an enthralling battle of skill and strategy on the football field.